It may seem strange to put these two body parts together, however they are both key movement and stress points during physical activity, and so they are common areas of injury. They are also common impact points if there is a fall.

Swimming puts particular stress on the shoulder joints, especially on the side most commonly used depending on your natural preference. Walking or pedalling puts stress on the knees. In case you haven’t noticed that includes pretty much every activity we do from day to day!

How do you look after these vital joints?

  • Stretch and strengthen the muscles that provide support to these joints with a personalised exercise program. Warm up by mimicking the main movements your particular sport/activity requires and cool down with gentle sustained stretches.
  • Use good form during activity.
  • Ensure you have appropriate and supportive footwear.
  • Good nutrition and a well balanced diet to keep your joints in top condition.
  • Treat injuries whenever they occur. ‘Riding it out” can mean that the joint may not heal back to its maximum capacity, and a chronic condition can result.

Just a reminder that we provide…

  • Injury treatment
  • Pre and post surgery preparation and recovery
  • Massage
  • Exercise programs for flexibility, strength and falls prevention
  • Chest physio