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Hairdressing as a cause of shoulder and neck pain – the treatment

A patient recently came to me for physiotherapy to address an acute shoulder injury, on a background of chronic neck pain and shoulder tightness. As a hairdresser, his job involved standing and leaning for hours a day, with workdays often lasting around 10 hours.

He recounted that recently he had attempted to pick up a large […]

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Photography as a cause of shoulder and back pain – the treatment

Recently a patient came in for physiotherapy after having had chronic neck pain and shoulder tightness, of several years duration. She recalled that prior to seeking physiotherapy, she had attempted to pick up a large load and experienced immediate excruciating pain into her shoulder, originating from her rotator cuff. The pain was so severe that […]

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Caring for your hands and thumbs

It is easy to take certain body parts for granted, and not be aware of just how vital they are until they are hurting or injured. Our hands, especially our thumbs are one such example! Arthritis in the thumb is called basal joint arthritis and occurs when the cartilage in the bones of the thumb […]

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Knee and Shoulder Health

It may seem strange to put these two body parts together, however they are both key movement and stress points during physical activity, and so they are common areas of injury. They are also common impact points if there is a fall.

Swimming puts particular stress on the shoulder joints, especially on the side most commonly […]

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Back Care Top Tips

Back pain is often frustrating and mystifying. There may be no apparent reason why your back suddenly “breaks down”. Twisting quickly, doing up a shoe lace or just a sneeze may produce severe and debilitating pain in your back. Obviously these actions by themselves do not cause the problem, otherwise it would have happened thousands […]

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