Back pain is often frustrating and mystifying. There may be no apparent reason why your back suddenly “breaks down”. Twisting quickly, doing up a shoe lace or just a sneeze may produce severe and debilitating pain in your back. Obviously these actions by themselves do not cause the problem, otherwise it would have happened thousands of times before.

Back pain in these instances is most often caused by an accumulation of stresses over a long period of time.

The significant body action being performed when the pain occurs is usually the straw that breaks the camels back.


In many cases it is a combination of several factors that cause a person to have poor posture.

Most poor posture is caused by:

1. Excessive weight.

2.Weak muscles.

3. Muscle imbalances.

4. Laziness in paying attention to posture.

5. A poor mattress.

6.Visual problems.

7. Feet and back problem.

8. Occupational stress.

9. Poor pillow support.


If a plumb line was dropped down from the ear, you would notice the center of gravity positioned in front of the ankle joints in those people with correct standing posture.

Unfortunately many people either stand with their center of gravity over their heels or, as in the case of pregnant ladies, their weight is often to far forward and there is a need to arch the back backwards. Both these positions increase low back joint stress and back pain.


1. Knees should be unlocked.

2. The pelvis should be rotated so that the pubic bone is as far forward as possible with the buttocks tucked under the body.

3. The trunk of the body should lean forward fractionally from the waist so that the ear,shoulder,hip, knee and mid foot are in a straight line.

Lindfield Physio specialises in thorough individual postural assessments. Treatment focuses in empowering you with an easily implemented exercise program which correct muscle imbalances and restores normal postural alignment, thereby reducing back pain.